The team

We’re a boutique wedding production;  highly professional, dedicated, creative and fun!

Memories of your wedding celebrations will always be close to you. Photos and video that capture your uniqueness and the qualities of your love and union are a visual legacy ensuring your memories never fade for generations to come.

Photographer Oliver Doran

Oliver is the founder, director and senior photographer at photosolutions. Working both charm, approachability and sophistication with his French/English roots, Oliver sets the tone for the company. Oliver is can-do man – a firm believer in continually shifting the goalposts forward and brings ideas to reality. With 10 years of experience in photography Olly has a strong reputation amongst both peers and clients alike.

Videographer Emiliano Arganaraz

Part geek, part creative hippy, Emi was born into a videography family, working with his Dad since his early days. Emi has a passion for cinema and videography. He is well established in the region with a fast growing reputation for ability and talent. He relies on his producer to manage his diary and his wife to remind him to break away from the screen to have a shower. He is one of few Argentinian men who prefers indie rock music and modern art to football.

The Photo Solutions Team

The PS team is handpicked from some of the most talented creatives from Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. They work alongside; and are trained by  Oliver Marshall Doran and  Emiliano. The team includes; Producer, Winnie; Photographer Ali Albader, Videographers; Reinhard and Joanny and carefully selected freelancers to make up the female team for lady only weddings.

Our Style

Our photographers finely blend fine-art portrait photography and documentary style.

Our videography is a cinematicindie-esque documentary style, where your union and unique love story take centre stage.


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